Allied-Horizontal Wireline Services continuously looks for ways of improving our Safety, Service Quality and Services.  While this shows in our performance at the wellsite as we outperform all competitors, we are not satisfied and are taking steps to improve even more.  We are developing 2 independent service lines to allow focus on technology and processes we believe will lead change in the industry for years to come.

A familiar name in the industry, Horizontal Wireline Services, known for the most efficient completions services in the industry is reemerging to focus strictly on pumpdown perforating, TCP and cased-hole services.  Our newly renamed Wireline Logging Solutions service line will continue to offer top of the line Formation Evaluation and Specialized logging services as we continue to expand our portfolio with offerings such as our Slim Hole Logging services using through-bit technology.

With this specialization and commitment from each of the service lines, we can supply unparalleled performance and laser-focused customer-oriented support.

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