ESG Commitment

At Horizontal Wireline Services, our commitment to the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles is what guides us in the way we conduct and grow our business. Horizontal Wireline is committed to establishing and preserving the health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities we live and work in.  We strive to foster a culture we refer to as the “Horizontal Way” where each employee takes responsibility for their own safety, the safety of others, our service quality, and our environmental impact.


We are committed to drastically reducing our environmental impact by deploying our industry leading EcoDrive™ Electric Wireline Units to build a cleaner, more efficient well site.

• Lead the industry with clean technology implementation

• Reduce emissions to near zero compared to conventional units

• Mitigate noise pollution

• Eliminate the need for diesel fuel while using on-site natural gas

• Eliminate possible spills due to hydraulics

• ExT™ Greaseless wireline eliminates the risk of grease contamination

• VFD improves motor efficiency and energy conservation

• Control waste management & pollution in operations


We are committed to establishing and preserving the health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities we live and work in.

• Foster a safe working environment in the field and our facilities

• Continue to build the best training programs in the industry

• All employees have the STOP WORK AUTHORITY

• Support the communities in which we live and work in

• Embrace a unique diversity of people, thoughts, and talents

• Create a work environment where all people feel valued and respected

• Recruit, hire, and promote individuals who best meet the qualifications of our jobs regardless of age, race,     color, sex, religion, disability, or sexual orientation

• Recruit and retain team members from all different backgrounds and ethnicities

• Zero tolerance policies for discrimination and/or harassment of any type in the workplace

• Equal opportunities for all employees

• Protect our intellectual property of technology


Our leadership is committed to maintaining our business ethics and the trust of our shareholders, customers, employees, and business partners. We will continue to maintain the "Horizontal Way" by being in compliance with all industry regulations and continue our commitment to our service quality and reliablity.

• Promote a culture of integrity and diversity in all levels in the company

• Conduct our business with honesty and transparency

• Protect the interests of our customers, shareholders, and vendors

• Hold ethical standards of working in all levels in the company

• Protect our reputation

• Reward and compensate our employees for their performance

• Zero tolerance policy for bribery and corruption