SEER Greaseless Packoff

Safe, Eco-Friendly, Efficient, Reliable

Modern-Day Wireline Jacketed Cable Operation

The Packoff utilizes hydraulic pressure to activate a seal around the greaseless wireline, containing well pressure and preventing fluids and gases from escaping into the surface with fewer rebuilds, the lowest cost of operation of any packoff on the market, and less likelihood to cause cable damage.

System Features

  • Injection-less system avoids unnecesary pressure
  • No free-floating brass bushings
  • Designed for working pressures of up to 12,500 psi
  • Designed with 3 velocity check valves
  • Slim body assembly with bell housing
  • Atmospherically ported to handle adiabatic field operations

Performance Benefits

  • Improved design promotes longer life of cable in use
  • Bell housing design prevents cable damaging during rig-up and rig-down and allows for easier zipper frac operations
  • Less operational mistakes due to ease and less frequency of rebuilds
  • Injection-less feature avoids unnecessary pressure within the packoff elements
  • Improved material selection of bushings & rubbers promotes longer rebuild time
  • Simplified inventory due to longer durability of components
  • Designed for 200+ runs between rebuilds

Competitive Advantages

  • New improved steel bushings to increase running life and protect the cable
  • Threaded (fixed) position of bushings will not allow the line to be damaged even when the rubber is completely eroded in the packoff
  • Improve operating efficiency by engineering out all common failure points associated with over 80% of current coated cable incidents
  • Dual 300 series O-rings on top and bottom piston
  • Improve and overcome all common failure points associated with current designs
  • Better centralization on the cable
  • Improve well control
  • Standardized and cannot be assembled incorrectly