Wireline Careers

Why Wireline?

Wireline is utilized in 99% of the new wells drilled today. Wireline is one of the service lines that requires a bigger commitment to safety and faster evolution in technology in the industry.

Skills & Performance

Advanced Technology

High Levels of Training

Why Choose Us?

Our most valuable asset is our people. We hire the most qualified individuals and offer one-of-a-kind training, career progression, competitive pay, bonuses, and benefits.

Safety Focus

Safest wireline company to work for

Training & Skills

Best training in the industry

Career Progression

Train and promote from within

Compensation & Benefits

Competitive pay, bonuses & benefits

Technology Leaders

Technology leaders in the market

Why TODAY is a good day to join the O&G industry

• The energy industry is isolated from the regular economy allowing O&G jobs to continue to be in high demand for the next 10 years.

• Large talent gap in the industry demands for faster advancement and career progression.

• Global shortage of oil will cause a demand in US oil & rapid increase of operations.

• Career advancement, adaptability & networking opportunities.

• Today the opportunities are close to home- most of O&G operations are on land in areas near you.