Horizontal Wireline Services’ emphasis on innovation and technology drives a heightened level of production and quality within our industry-leading wireline services. We pride ourselves on implementing ingenuity to enhance operations, ultimately bringing production to unrivaled levels for our customers. Our partners thrive from our revolutionary advancements in equipment, technology, and processes. Altogether, Horizontal Wireline’s principle of “Innovate, Integrate, Elevate” demonstrates why we are the leading independent wireline service provider in the industry.

Innovate: On a daily basis, our dedicated engineering team works to develop new technologies that pioneer the wireline service industry. We work to provide the most advanced and efficient equipment to constantly improve on our full range of wireline services, including Pumpdown Plug and Perforating as well as Vertical and Logging Services. Our EcoDriveunits and ExT Lateral Solutionssystems stand as industry leading methods that increase efficiency, enhance safety, boost service quality, lower costs, and provide a cleaner well site.

Integrate: At Horizontal Wireline, our internal integration of technology gives us an unparalleled competitive advantage. Our dynamic and experienced crews prioritize constant communication to bring ingenuity and innovation from the shop to the field. Our patented EcoDrive systems are developed, built, and optimized by our in-house engineering team, allowing for seamless repairs, maintenance, and improvement. With an ability to integrate our innovations through an internal team, we possess an upper-hand that saves time and costs in respect to new developments.

Elevate: Our partners know and trust that our services will bring production and profitability to new heights. In addition, we provide reliability to our customers through technological innovation that enhances safety and sustainability. Optimizing operational safety and developing more environmentally-friendly processes are at the core of our ambitions. With our commitment to being the most advanced wireline service provider in the industry, Horizontal Wireline Services assures to elevate you to the next level.