ExT™ Lateral Solutions

Lowering Total Completion Costs for Extended, Challenging Wells

Lowering Total Completion Costs for Extended, Challenging Wells


Horizontal Wireline Services is setting the bar in providing technology that can safely and efficiently lower the completion cost of highly deviated wells and/or extended laterals.

Due to years of intense investment and research into advancing geoscience and drilling technologies, the industry has achieved remarkable progress with lateral lengths now routinely exceeding many thousands of feet. However, when it comes to well completions, many companies still use completion strategies and technologies that served adequately with shorter wells but are now challenged.

Our ExTTM Lateral Solutions meets these challenges. It is a fit-for-purpose risk mitigation package designed specifically to lower the total completion cost safely and efficiently. Including ExT Modeling, Wireline Cable, Separation Tool, Downhole Tension Tool, and Wireline Jars, the ExT Lateral Solutions provide reliable deployment, execution and retrieval of the toolstring back to surface.

Risk Deployment Models

With highly deviated and extended wells being completed, pre-job planning is a necessity. Cerberus modeling software can accurately predict and analyze cumulative forces at each stage of the wireline job.

Model allows operator to:

  • Recommendation on risk mitigation options
  • Confirm that target depth can be reached
  • Determine if job can be performed at depth
  • Ensure equipment can be safely be returned to surface
  • Post-job analysis to determine friction co-efficient

ExTTM Downhole Tension Tool

Specifically designed to reduce the risk of fishing operations during pump-down in extended lateral wells.

Prevent Pump-Off, Stuck Tools and Expensive Fishing Operations

Model allows operator to:

  • Increase RIH and POOH speed
  • Minimizes fishing risk
  • Mitigate risk in toe-up wells
  • Downhole indication of plugset

ExTTM Separation Tool

Designed to be used in conditions that may present a risk of wireline tools or guns becoming stuck, saves time and expense in the recovery process.

Save time and expense in the recovery process

  • Continuous operation for multi-well operation
  • A clean fishing job
  • Mitigate risk in toe-up wells
  • No parting of wireline

ExTTMWireline Jar

Downhole wireline jarring tool that is a cost-effective way to help prevent stuck toolstring and expensive fishing job.

Hydrostatically powered jar requiring zero wireline tension.

  • Utilizes the pressure differential to a vacuum chamber inside the tool.
  • High force across a piston accelerates the unstuck portion of the tool
  • Impact velocity is surface settable
  • RP67 compliant and compatible with RF-Safe addressable system

ExTTMWireline Cable

Dramatically reduce cable friction, enables deployment of tool strings in difficult wellbores, and allows higher running speeds without the common torque issues that standard cables suffer.

Improved operations efficiency

  • Decrease tension enabling wireline deployment in difficult wellbores
  • Shorter time / stage for wireline operations
  • Pull out of the hole faster in both the horizontal & vertical sections
  • Cleaner operations = safer operations

Mitigate N.P.T. due to:

  • Loose armor
  • High stranding
  • Bird caging
  • Loss of normalization