Some competitors will tout reliability through technology.  And while we have some of the safest and most reliable technology in the business, we realize that technology is not enough. Operating in all of the major producing basins for more than 10 years, Horizontal Wireline has one of the leading performance records in the industry. Our reputation is built on reliability, and Horizontal Wireline Services prides itself on being trustworthy, an industry-leading safety record, and how we consistently perform to the highest standards. To accomplish and retain this time-proven performance record, our crews must train to use the right technology in the safest, most effective manner in all challenges.

Reliability...It's More Than Technology

Reliability starts with the people using the technology. So we built a training program that is one of the best in the industry, and it begins as soon as an employee reports to work. New employees start with an introduction to Wellsite Report, our real-time tracking system, which we use in many functions across the company, such as training, career progression, incidents, projects, personnel, to name a few. Wellsite Report provides our employees in real-time a guide of their required training and career milestones, as well as the documentation of management approvals needed to complete each of these milestones.

Week one consists of a web-based training program explaining the Horizontal Process, or what we call the Horizontal Way. Designed to track the job from the start to finish, the Horizontal Way is a set of innovative procedures to eliminate human error and provide a safe, consistent, and reliable service. Multiple points for double-checking critical components ensure our operations continue safely and efficiently.

"At my other jobs, I did not receive hands on training like I am receiving at Horizontal Wireline.  The others just threw me to the wolves, so to speak."

Hands-On Training

After completing the web-based training program, the newly hired employee begins week two: Hands-On Training. This training begins in our shop, a controlled environment, where instructors mentor the employee in the best practices and attention to safety.

As the employee completes the proper milestones, they begin in-the-field training under the watchful eye of an experienced operator. This mentored training continues until they gather the appropriate experience and achieve the required milestones to break out as an operator.


How Do We Improve?

Communication is a crucial factor to improve both as an employee and as a company. We go to great lengths to ensure everyone knows the available career progression path and what it takes to get there. And we cannot improve as a company without our employees' input, so informal discussions are encouraged. At the same time, our managers take time in every crew-change or office meeting to discuss how we can improve how we operate or how Horizontal Wireline can be a better place to work.

Regularly scheduled evaluations ensure our employees are up to date on training and certifications. During these evaluations, we welcome and expect honest communication regarding employee and company performance, future goals, and career progression. These evaluations are perfect times to ask those employees that are not as outspoken, "How Do We Improve?"

"In my previous positions, I did not receive any type of "in house" training on tools that were ran in the field."  

"It is very beneficial to be able to see and get familiar with the tools before going to the field."


At Horizontal Wireline, we go above and beyond to hire the best people, supply the best training and the most advanced technology. We also expect our employees to take accountability.

You see, at Horizontal Wireline Services, we are building reliability with each member of our team. We believe in our team, and that is how we provide the most reliable and highest value wireline services.

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