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Are you looking for a career with an organization that gives you the proper training to do the job right the first time and, most importantly doing it safely? A company that provides you a clear progression path and the training to help you achieve the milestones to achieve that path?

If you are ready to exceed your potential, we are excited to discuss your career opportunities with our winning team.

Dedicated to providing the industry’s safest and most efficient wireline services, Horizontal Wireline Services aspires to achieve this objective every day through a rigid focus on delivering only the best People, Process, Equipment, and Technology.

Training - the Right Way

Our industry-leading performance record exists because we believe Reliability Is More Than Technology. It starts with the right people with the proper training to perform their job effectively, efficiently, and most importantly, safely.

As your success is critical to us, we provide one of the industry’s best training programs. It offers the knowledge of the technology and helps you gain the confidence to do your job safely and effectively before you show up on location.

In a classroom atmosphere, you learn what our technologies offer and how to safely and effectively use them. Designed to eliminate human error and provide a consistent, reliable service, “The Horizontal Way” is our innovative set of procedures that tracks the job from the start to finish.

In the next stage of your training, experienced crew members will mentor you in a controlled, hands-on environment until you gain the proper experience and achieve the required milestones to head to the field.


“There is not a job that is worth performing in an unsafe manner, no matter the opportunity or situation.” At Horizontal Wireline, we take this quote from our President and CEO, Joe Sites, very seriously.

In our industry, accidents can result in life-changing consequences. That is why you will be held to the highest safety standards throughout your training and career. If you see an unsafe situation in the shop or on location, you are expected to say something immediately, even if it results in stopping the job.
We all want to go home at the end of the shift safely.

Growing Together

Career Progression is vital to both you and Horizontal Wireline. We must continue to build leaders to grow in such a competitive industry. That is why we go to great lengths to ensure everyone knows the available progression paths and what it takes to get there. With access to Wellsite Reports, our real-time tracking system used in many functions across the company, you will have a guide of your required training and career milestones at your fingertips, plus the documentation of management approvals needed to complete each of these milestones.


Communication is critical for continued improvement as an employee and as a company. Our managers take time in every crew-change or office meeting to discuss how to improve our operations and make Horizontal Wireline a better place to work. Regularly scheduled evaluations ensure our employees are up to date on training and certifications, employee and company performance, future goals, and career progression. Open and honest communication is not only welcomed but expected.

You see, at Horizontal Wireline Services, we are building reliability with each member of our team. We believe in our team, and that is how we provide the most reliable and highest value wireline services.

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Horizontal Wireline operates in the highest producing basins in the United States.

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