Commitment To Value

As the leading independent full-service wireline providers, Horizontal Wireline operates bases in the highest producing basins in the United States.  We have extensive experience in the Marcellus, Utica, Mid-Continent, Eagle Ford, Permian Basin, Cline, Niobrara and Bakken regions.

We believe our value-added approach to well completions and wellbore integrity services benefit our customers and their economic returns. Our combined expertise of operations and technical approach will allow us to better serve our customers in lowering their overall well cost.

Our objective is to provide the safest and most efficient wireline services in the industry. This is more than a simple statement, it is the foundation of our business. We aspire to achieve this objective every day through a rigid focus on providing only the best: Safety, People, Process, Equipment and Technology.

This basic methodology has allowed us to rise above the competition in each of these key categories.  Driven by our dedication to service quality and efficiency, Horizontal Wireline Services has become the leading independent wireline service provider in the country.


Horizontal Wireline has developed more qualified crews than any other independent wireline company. Engineers and crew members that join our team go through a rigorous training qualification period. Additionally, during this breakout period, our employees are required to learn all procedures and best practices for Horizontal Wireline as well as show competency in regional specific operations.

We have industry-leading, entrepreneurial managers from both generations of the wireline sector; the perfect team to lead an “independent major”.


Each of our crews follows what we call the Horizontal Wireline Process. This innovative set of procedures tracks the job from the cradle to the grave and is designed to eliminate human error and provide a consistent, reliable service. The foundation of the process was born by combining the efforts of the deep-water process (developed for high tiered Gulf of Mexico work) with similar fundamental concepts from Health and Safety procedures like the design of RP-67. The Horizontal Wireline Process has multiple points for double checking critical components so that operations proceed safely and efficiently.

In addition to the Horizontal Wireline Process, our group believes strongly in full root cause analysis of all failures and misruns, an essential step in the continuous improvement of service quality.  The client receives these reports and any new lessons learned or best practices are communicated to crews.

An additional process that our clients appreciate is our quarterly Health, Environmental, Safety & Compliance (HESC) and Service Quality (SQ) review. These reviews cover key performance indicators, new technology, and are an opportunity for feedback and evaluation for both companies.


Horizontal Wireline works diligently to acquire and maintain the best equipment in the industry and has strategic partnerships with the best in market technology providers to assemble a full range of conventional wireline services, as well as a growing list of specialty services.

Our new EcoDrive™ Wireline technology adapts the use of electricity to control the deployment of our wireline services. This advancement brings many performance improvements as well as contributing to a cleaner, more ecologically friendly well site.

Our ExT™ Lateral solutions lowers emissions through wireline innovation. 


Our commitment to your company is to deliver the highest levels of safety and service quality to ultimately lower your total cost of development and operations.