Remote Disconnect Systems

Boost Efficiency & Safety While Lowering Cost

Increased Safety & Efficiencies at a Lower Cost

At Horizontal Wireline Services, we believe that nothing takes priority above safety. But, when you can improve safety, boost efficiency and lower cost, how can you go wrong?

Operated remotely from a safe distance, our disconnect systems take the operator out of the high-pressure area while drastically decreasing connect and disconnect time. The one-piece integral body design provides maximum security on the wellhead to prevent equipment failures, while also saving time on multi-well pads.  The locking mechanism is based on a tested design similar to what is used to connect risers in offshore, sub-sea operations.

Frac and Wireline activity are no longer waiting on each other...less downtime and increased efficiency with maximum security at the wellhead.

Remote Disconnect Services

  • Quick connect/disconnect of Pressure Control Equipment during perforating and Stimulation
  • Wireline and Pumping Crews quickly rig up, pressure test and begin operations
  • Eliminates the need to manually install Pressure Control Equipment by personnel suspended at-height
  • Estimated 20-30 minutes of time saving per swap
  • Multiple System Options
  • Potentially yielding an incremental 1-2 stages per day

    Crown Connect - Mechanical Disconnect

    • A quick connect technology that is safer and less costly than current industry standards
    • A new safe alternative to manual and costly hydraulic connections
    • A revolutionary technology aimed at lower costs during hydraulic fracturing operation
      Safe Hands Free Connection to Wellhead
      • Crown Connect™uses a unique, proprietary, and patent pending design to allow for 12,500 PSI maximum working pressure with no human contact
      • Crown Connect™cannot be disconnected under pressure. A physical barrier exists that will not allow for decoupling due to human error or miscommunication while the connection is under pressure

      Efficient. Fastest connection method available
      • Unlike manual devices, such as quick unions, or remotely operated connections, Crown Connect™requires no additional steps to create a connection
      • The same crane operation used to hoist equipment in place is the motion used to create the connection
      • Wireline Pressure Control Equipment (PCE) can be connected and disconnected to the well in a matter of seconds

      Reliable. Sophisticated design, simple mechanism
      • Unlike remotely operated quick connection systems, Crown Connect™does not rely on a complex system of components to ensure a safe, efficient connection
      • No additional operators are required. The vertical motion downward, provided by gravity, and the vertical motion upward, provided by a crane are all that is necessary to couple/decouple