Recently selected as a featured speaker at the Womens Wednesday Bash, Jan 27 in Houston, TX., Christian Ocanas will present her views on "Today's Women in the Industry."  Hosted by Social Octane Media, Womens Wednesday highlights up and coming women in the Oil & Gas Industry. 

Raised in a single-family household, Christian has always valued hard work, integrity, and sacrifice. Her family migrated from Monterrey, Mexico, to Houston when she was 11 to seek better opportunities.

With her loving mother's support, Christian worked diligently to earn eight scholarships and received her Civil Engineering Degree from Lamar University in 2014.  After graduation, she went to work with Schlumberger as a Coiled Tubing field engineer in South Texas.  After some training in Abu Dhabi, she was transferred to WY to oversee the Rockies district.  As a young engineer in the field managing day-to-day operations, pipe fatigue, models, equipment, and the typical troubleshooting in the units, she earned her team's respect and ethical admiration.  Being the only Coiled Tubing Engineer in the Rockies, she led the merge and transition of CTS and Schlumberger.

She later accepted a Pioneer Energy Services position as the District Technical Engineer for the TX area within the CT division. The position fit perfectly and allowed her to return to her roots and family.

Christian was kind enough to offers some words of encouragement to anyone entering the Oil & Gas industry, "Work hard! Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty, and never let anyone tell you that you cannot do it!"

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