Radial Cutting Torch

Tubing-Cutter-Radial-Cutting-Torch (1)Whether it is during drilling, completion or workover operations, stuck pipe causes problems. Horizontal Wireline Services offers the expertise and technology to help reduce lost time and a wide range of other expenses.

The Radial Cutting Torch is one of the safest cutting tools in the industry. Without the use of explosives or hazardous materials, it makes a clean cut with no change to the OD of tubing, casing, drill pipe and coiled tubing.


  • Non-Explosive
  • Radio Safe
  • Cuts up to 9.875 in. casing
  • Cuts all steel, high chrome, plastic coated tubulars, Inconel®, Monel®, Hastelloy® and exotic pipe
  • Non-hazmat fuel systems available
  • Cuts are flare-free and do not produce swelling
  • Cuts in fluids or dry pipe, heavy muds and weighted drilling fluids
  • Deployable within hours not days
  • Minimizes downtime and associated costs
  • Approved for all methods of transport