Free Point Indicator

freepoint 02The Free Point Indicator is an electro-mechanical assembly designed to accurately measure torque or stretch in harsh conditions. The basic Free Point tool assembly consists of bow spring or magnet, upper and lower anchors, and a sensor section to determine stuck point. Additional components that must be run with the Free Point tool assembly are: sinker bars to overcome the holding ability of the anchors, a collar locator (CCL) to determine depth and a slack joint to relieve weight above the tool assembly when at the correct depth for making a measurement.

  • Measures both torque and stretch
  • Identifies neutral weight at free point by plotting torque reading vs driller’s weight
  • Reduced friction/drag, and therefore easier to deploy in deviated wells
  • Controllable anchoring force instead of pre-defined force, as with springs
  • Faster setup time, shorter tool string
  • Simple maintenance, can be redressed at wellsite
  • Crossovers to various service company connections available
  • In many cases, eliminates the need for a slack joint or sinker bars
  • Shear pins allow for retrieval if communication to deployed tool is lost