FAST™ Separation Tool

Save Time and Expense in the Recovery Process

Save Time and Expense in the Recovery Process

Designed to be used in conditions that may present a risk of wireline tools or guns becoming stuck, the Horizontal’s FAST™ Separation Tool (FST) can save time and expense in the recovery process. It is another example of our commitment to provide the safest, most reliable and effective wireline services available for our clients.

Because safety is our top priority, we designed the FAST Separation Tool to have a maximum tension of 25,000 lbs., nearly 50% greater than most of the ballistic release tools on the market. This reduces the potential of unintentional release at surface as well as fewer release failures downhole.

Made with the highest quality materials and components, each FAST Separation Tool goes through our strict Quality Control Process before receiving certification for use in the field. Utilizing two equalization plugs that shear during the release to allow pressure from the wellbore to equalize within the tool and prevents it becoming hydrostatically stuck downhole. This dual plug design eliminates the potential single point of failure of tools using only one equalization plug.

Using the EBTW (bulkhead) as a means for providing pressure isolation and electrical continuity to the tool, we are able to reduce the number
of electrical connections dramatically, thus increasing the reliability and reduce the maintenance of the tool.

  • 25,000 lb. tension strength*
  • Increase safety
  • Reduce unintentional surface release and failures downhole
  • Increase reliability
  • Eliminate becoming hydrostatically stuck downhole
  • Strict Quality Control Process
Length 29.125 in 740 cm
Weight 42 lb 19 kg
Maximum Pressure 20,000 psi 138 MPa
Maximum Tension 25,000 lbf 111 kN*
Maximum Temp 310° 154° C**
Thread (top) 1.625 in -6 ACME Pin
Thread (bottom) 1.625 in -6 ACME Box
Maximum O.D. 2.75 in 70 mm

* Several pull tests were performed for tool certification, where the results were averaged out for a final value then a 20% safety margin was applied
** The Temperature Rating of the tool is determined by the Temperature Rating of the detonator used. In this model, the DynaEnergetics Detonator is rated to 310° F