Spectral Gamma Ray

Probe_3_5-8_Spectral_Gamma_RayThe Spectral Gamma Ray Tool utilizes a large, ruggedized scintillation detector coupled to a high resolution, matched Photomultiplier Tube assembled into a shock mounted detector package designed to maximize the energy spectra sensitivity over the entire range of energy levels and logging speeds encountered in the logging environment.

Configured to transmit data to the surface computer in raw spectral form or programmed to resolve the three most common components of naturally occurring radiation in sands and shales to distinguish important features of the clay or sand around the wellbore.

The Spectral Gamma Tool may also be programmed to resolve any specific radioisotope energy level or levels and transmit that resolved data to the surface using any number of channels up to a maximum of 256 over a energy level range of 0 to 3Mev. (1.17Kev. per channel).