Leak Detection

Noise Tool 1Horizontal Wireline Services can help detect leaks caused by damaged well casing. This not only helps prevent loss of production, but prevent damage to the environment as well.

Our Noise Tool utilizes a highly sensitive piezoelectric crystal stack to detect the low frequency noise generated by the movement of fluids within the borehole environment.

The detector is housed within a pressure compensating sleeve designed for minimal maintenance and maximum durability. The sound level produced by moving fluid may be analyzed to determine a number of well parameters and problems, such as flow rate from individual sets of perforations, channeling behind casing, liquid production from gas zones, sand production and multi-phase flow regimes.

This tool may be configured to run in conjunction with most of the existing 13/8-inch tools manufactured by Probe, but is most commonly run with a temperature tool.


Courtesy of Probe Technology Services, Inc.