Slickline Services

slickline-web-imageSolving problems in all environments  

Focused on maximizing operational efficiency to drive better economic returns for our customers, Horizontal’s Slickline Services provide safe, reliable and low cost solutions to assist in the optimization of your well production.

Basic Slickline Services:

  • Tagging
  • Drifting
  • Bailing
  • Setting and retrieving of packers and plugs
  • Setting and retrieving of sub surface safety valves
  • Paraffin removal
  • Nipple and end tubing location
  • Opening/Closing SSD
  • Gaslift Services

Advanced Slickline Services

  • Broaching & Swaging
  • Casing repair
  • Perforating (mechanical and ballistic)
  • Bottom hole survey
  • Fishing & Pipe Recovery
  • Flow surveys
  • Memory logging comparable to eline