Advanced Reservoir Evaluation & Monitoring

Accurately Identify Smaller Volumes of Hydrocarbon Than Ever Before

Utilizing Horizontal Wireline’s multi-detector pulsed-neutron Reservoir Analysis System (RAS), you now have the measurements to accurately identify smaller volumes of formation hydrocarbons than ever before. This will reduce the risk of overlooking potential pay zones and improve your ability to evaluate, monitor and manage reserve production.

Unlike conventional pulsed neutron systems on the market, our RAS uses state-of-the-art detectors that yields high resolution measurements, providing better information for evaluation on reservoir dynamics and changes over time as the wells produce. This increases the certainty in predicting when major changes in production are likely to occur. More detectors increase the certainty in detecting water movement either inside pipe or in a cement channel. The direction of the flow can be either up or down, and both can be detected in the same trip down hole.

  • Evaluate producing reservoirs without removing tubing
  • Evaluate new well hydrocarbon content when open-hole logs are constrained
  • Monitor and evaluate well health for timely remedial workover decisions
  • Analyze cased-hole fluid saturation in three-phase reservoirs
  • Locate bypassed hydrocarbons with greater confidence
  • Evaluate Shale gas/ oil plays
  • Detect water movement either inside pipe or in a cement channel
  • Gain important information to help reduce production of unwanted fluids