Horizontal Wireline Services is led by an experienced team of operating and executive managers possessing deep industry knowledge resulting from their decades of participation in the global wireline segment.  Members of the leadership team have managed drilling, completion and production optimization operations across a diverse geographic footprint in the U.S. and international activities on behalf of large, multi-national companies as well.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Joseph Sites

Horizontal Wireline Services’ President and CEO, Joseph Sites, is an industry-recognized entrepreneur and leader in oilfield services who is well known for creating organizations that excel in service quality, safe operations, and delivering the best-in-class performance to its customers.

With direct experience in all facets of the industry, from field and engineering to operations management and executive leadership, Mr. Sites boasts a proven track record of business growth and development in both private and public arenas, having served on the boards of multiple companies, and founding two successful wireline service companies prior to assuming leadership of Horizontal Wireline.

After graduating with a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh, Mr. Sites began his career with Schlumberger Wireline, where he is credited for implementing global service quality control measures for the company and was honored for superior operational execution and safety. Following a rapid rise to become Schlumberger’s Operations Manager for the Barnett Shale, the Pennsylvania native next served as Business Development Manager for J-W Wireline Company. Mr. Sites spearheaded and developed fundamental service quality, safety initiatives, and introduced new technology that made J-W Wireline the fastest growing US based wireline company of 2007. Mr. Sites then founded Hotwell Services in 2008 before forming Horizontal Wireline Services in 2010.

At Horizontal Wireline, Mr. Sites is recognized by his team as an excellent leader, coach, and mentor as his mission as a CEO is to train the next generation of leaders for the service industry. His vision and dedication for the company have allowed for Horizontal Wireline to be known for pushing the envelope in technology, advancements, service quality, and ways of working. His management style allows for all individuals to learn, grow, inspire, and stay motivated. He is not only a leader, but a friend to all who are part of his team.

Vice President

Mr. Nadir Nery

As Horizontal Wireline Vice President, Nadir Nery oversees a wide range of responsibilities. Armed with over 21 years of experience in all aspects of the wireline industry, he focuses his team on business planning, recruiting and retention strategies, support on new technology implementation, health and safety and ESG developments, and many other responsibilities for business continuity and growth.

Before joining Horizontal Wireline, Mr. Nery spent 14 years with Schlumberger, where he began as a Manufacturing Engineer, building offshore wireline units for the Latin-American market.  While at Schlumberger, Mr. Nery held multiple positions, including Geo-market Special Services Manager, Wireline Field Test Coordinator, and many years covering open hole and cased hole field operations.

In March of 2014, Mr. Nery became the South Texas District Manager for Horizontal Wireline, where he handled personnel management, policies, standards and guidelines implementation, asset management, customer relations, and all related operational activities. Between the years of 2015 and 2017, he served as Southern Region Service Quality Manager, Southern Region Service Operations Manager, and Corporate Support Manager.

Mr. Nery has an Industrial Engineering degree from Universidad del Zulia and received an MBA in Sustainable Management from Anaheim University.