FocusShot™ Perforating

Increase Frac Efficiency and Optimize Production

Focused Energy

Proprietary and patented exclusively for Horizontal Wireline customers, our FocusShotTM Perforating guns are designed to increase frac efficiency and optimize production. FocusShot Perforating converges the perforating tunnels on a single plane perpendicular to the casing axis at a fixed distance from the casing outside diameter. Reducing the propensity for perforations to create axial and multiple fractures, FocusShot Perforating improves production by reducing treating pressures and increasing proppant to the reservoir, while reducing the risk of screen-out.

  • Increase frac efficiencies
  • True limited entry configuration
  • Significant more focused energy
  • Reduce treatment pressures
  • Reduce risks for screen-out

To further optimize production, use our StageFinderTM Engineered Completions services to design the most effective perforating plan for your asset.