FAST™ Perforating Systems

A safer, more reliable way of perforating

A safer, more reliable way of perforating

The new Fail-safe Addressable Switch Technology adds a new dimension to electrical wireline select-fire perforating. FAST™ Perforating Systems provide the ability to block all sources of inadvertent current from the electrical detonators in the tool string. This includes all sources of voltage: stray, RF signal or human error. The wireline operator can now communicate with and control each of the sections of the downhole assembly, and the new switches can be checked before and during the wireline run, thus improving reliability. Real-time shot detection gives the operator feedback on whether plugs have set or guns have fired, and with addressable switches, gun sections can be skipped in the event any section fails to detonate.

Greater Reliability - Lower Completion Cost

The adoption of this technology has had a dramatic impact on the reliability of wireline perforating at Horizontal Wireline Services. Prior to adopting addressable switch technology, the wireline runs/misrun ratio was very close to the industry average at approximately 50 (2% failure rate or 98% efficiency). As the new technology was implemented, improved, and became the standard for select-fire perforating, the wireline runs/misrun ratio more than quadrupled. At a ratio of 200, the failure rate dropped to 0.5% and efficiency improved to 99.5%. The impact on well-site efficiency was appreciable, with reduced stand-by for frac spreads, fewer misruns, and overall lower cost of operations for the E&P companies.

  • RF-Safe for multiwell completions
  • Eliminate wireline misruns
  • Real-Time shot detection
  • Skip guns if a misfire occurs
  • Better reliability
  • Greater compatibility