APEX™ Gun System

Top of the Line Perforation

Top of the Line Perforation

Delivering top of the line performance, APEX™ Gun System is the safest and most reliable system on the market today. Another way Horizontal Wireline Services can help lower overall cost of operation at the wellsite.

Quality Controlled Assembly

Compatible with any shape charge on the market, the APEX Guns are assembled in a controlled environment at our local facility with the highest level of Quality Control.

Zero Wiring on Wellsite

At the wellsite, a simplified two-step process eliminates tying of wires onto EB posts, use of the correct EB retainer nuts, pinched wires during assembly, etc., thus reducing exposure to weather elements and human error related incidents.

The APEX Gun System is lighter and shorter compared to other perforating systems on the market, and our simple but extremely reliable and safe process of gun building and arming technique mitigates the risk of injuries on location and means less Non-Productive Time, potentially completing more stages per day.


  • More Stages, less time
  • Compatible with any Shaped Charge
  • Reduces Non-Productive Time
  • Drastically reduces risk of wellsite injuries
  • Streamlines assembly of gun string
  • Reduction in overall BHA length and weight (up to 42% in certain designs)
  • Maintenance Free


  • Gun building performed in a controlled environment
  • Complete & safe electrical testability of each individual gun at the gun building facility
  • Simplified 2 step arming process at the wellsite