ALPHA™ Perforating System

Leading the Pack

Horizontal Wireline Services continues to lead the pack with the ALPHA Perforating System, the next advancement of industry-leading perforating systems.

Safe, Reliable, High Performance at Lower Cost
To lower cost, we utilized our experience in the field to collaborate with the manufacturer to provide cost reduction through innovative design, not cheaper materials. All components are made of high-quality materials and require zero maintenance on location.

Compatible with any shape charges, we believe the ALPHA Perforating System brings the highest performance in the safest, most reliable perforating system on the market.

Driven by Safety
If you know Horizontal Wireline, you know that we do not compromise on safety. That is why our ALPHA Perforating System's design is the shortest and lightest perforating gun on the market. We use our simplified two-step arming process to reduce the number of people needed on-site to mitigate the risk of injuries. And our detonator detection technology uses unique IP addresses assigned to each switch to eliminate the uncertainties when running in the hole.

Performance Above the Others
The ALPHA Perforating System has the fastest shooting times in the industry. Our plug and play system uses a sub-less design to minimize electrical connections to increase performance so we can reliably perform more stages in a shorter amount of time.

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